Frequently Asked Questions

This facility enables online donations and payments to be made to Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) approved projects using a credit card.

The facility is operated by the Lutheran Laypeople's League as a free service to the LCA.

  • Start by selecting the Organisation Type, then Organisation, then Project that you wish to make a Donation or Payment to and follow the steps as follows(You may also use the Search facility to find the Organisation/Project that you wish to make a Donation or Payment to).
  • Fill out the Project Donation and Payment details:
    Account Name (if applicable): The project may have various "accounts" that you can make a donation or payment to. If so, select your preference from the drop-down box.
    Amount: Enter the amount that you wish to make a Donation or Payment for.
    Client Code: If you have dealt with this organisation/project previously, they may have given you a client code (it may be called a supporter or donor code etc). Enter this code if you know it.
    Comments: If you wish to make some specific comments to the project about the Donation or Payment, enter them in the Comments box.
  • Click on the “ADD TO YOUR DONATIONS & PAYMENTS” button.
  • Either Click on the “ADD ANOTHER DONATION OR PAYMENT” button and follow the above steps again or click on the “DONATIONS & PAYMENTS SUMMARY” button.
  • Your Donations & Payments Summary screen will be presented.
  • Review details of Donations & Payments you have made. If you have made a mistake with any input, you can either edit or remove the donation or payment.
  • Click on the “PROCESS DONATIONS & PAYMENTS” button to proceed to next step.
  • Enter Personal Details and click on the “NEXT” button
  • Enter Payment Details and click on the “NEXT” button
  • The Donations & Payments Review screen will be shown so you can review all details filled in, to edit any details click on the “BACK” button to do so.
  • To finalise the process click on the “PAY” button. There will be a short pause, while the credit card transaction is authorised by your bank.
  • Confirmation receipt page will be shown confirming that the transaction has been successful, and summarize your donation/payment information. If you wish to print this information for your records, click on the Print button.
    In the background an email will be sent to your nominated email address, confirming details of your donation/payment. If the project is a tax deductible project, a tax deductible receipt will be forwarded by the project to your mailing address, as soon as the transaction has been confirmed (usually within 2 weeks).

Yes. On the Donations & Payments Summary page, click on the "ADD ANOTHER DONATION or PAYMENT" button, and you will be returned to the Home Page to select another organisation/project. The donation/payment that you have already input will be automatically saved, and the Donation & Payments Summary amount on the top right hand side of the page will be updated with the amount of your proposed Donations & Payments.

LCA projects must apply via the LLL to be listed on this facility, and agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions under which the facility operates. Select an Organisation Type on the Home Page (eg LCA, LLL, Churches, Schools, Aged Care or Other) and click on Step 1 — Select an Organisation, to display a list of the organisations currently registered with this facility under this organisation type. Click on an organisation name to display a list of the projects available for this organisation.

If you are donating to a tax deductible project, the project will mail you an official tax deductible receipt when the transaction has been confirmed. If you require a printed receipt, please print the Transaction Confirmation page when the transaction has been confirmed, using the &Print& button.

A confirmation email will also be sent to your nominated email address when the transaction has been completed.

Donations are only tax deductible if they are made to a project which is registered with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Tax deductible projects are identified by the "TD" icon.

This site uses encrypted response forms when personal and financial details are requested. The security used between your browser and this website is 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. A security icon (e.g. padlock) will be visible confirming that your browser supports SSL security. You may double click on the security icon to verify the security certificate for this website. You will then see a box which displays who the certificate is issued to, who it was issued by, and the period of the validity of the certificate. All personal & credit card information is encrypted to ensure that information is kept secure at all times and no credit card information is stored. The LLL uses GeoTrust to verify that you are correctly dealing with the registered LCA Online Donations page.

The LLL does not charge any fee for operating this service. Normal bank credit card merchant fees are payable by the organisation/project receiving donations/payment.

No. Due to issues with payments made from overseas and overseas credit cards these payments are not allowed through this system. If a payment is still required to be done from overseas then please refer to the contact details for the project concerned.

Please contact the LLL as soon as possible after discovering you have made an error (refer "Contact" button on bottom right hand side of screen). You will need to provide full details in writing of the transaction to be refunded, together with details of the error you have made. We will then contact the relevant LCA organisation/project to arrange for a refund.

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